Rannoch Moor by packraft

We paddled Loch Ba on Rannoch Moor on our autumn packraft roadtrip. There is a short outlet river from the loch that goes down some easy rapids to Loch Laddon and so we set out to follow that link river through some of the most atmospheric scenery in the UK. Accompanied by the deeply felt warmth of spring sunshine and the deeply felt cold of hail and meltwater paddling we had a great day out.

Zarna the knee brace checks out Loch Ba
Photographers love these erratics in the middle of the loch. Here, my model shows off the packraft she has caught!
Leaving Loch Ba
The river between the two lochs is mostly flat, but has a bit of fun on it!
Shooting the grade 2 rapids between the lochs

Dropping down in to Loch Laddon
Walking back to the car over Rannoch Moor

Bored of walking back, let’s paddle back to the car instead
Paddling through the hail and sparkles
One happy packrafter, one cold dog!
The happiest packrafter


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