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The joy of panoramic images and 360° virtual tours

(0) Comments | Sunday 30th March 2014

 Once I discovered the joy of wide angle images I barely photographed with any other focal length. I like being able to capture more than the eye can take in in a single glance. Occasionally I played with stitched panoramic images and liked the results. In fact my first ever photography competition win was a stitched panoramic photograph. I also enjoyed playing around with imagery constructed from multiple images, not Photoshop montages, but taking…

What’s in my camera panniers

(2) Comments | Tuesday 21st June 2011

I've been a cycling photographer for a few years now, and it has worked really well. The trips for The Wildlife Trusts have forced a bit of a gear rethink as they are typically two to three weeks long rather than the week max I have done in the past, and the work is a bit more specialised for producing 360x180 panoramic VR tours, so I have had to rethink a lot of what I take, and don't take.

Books for photographers

(2) Comments | Tuesday 22nd February 2011

There are many photography books out there. A search for 'photography' on Amazon UK in 2011 revealed 368 572 books! So which are the good ones? And should you just look at photographers books? My answer is, you have to find out for yourself. I love books, photography, art, fiction, so this article is just a list of books that I enjoyed and that helped me. Go out, buy books, visit the library, learn. I hope…

Cake for landscape photographers

(1) Comments | Tuesday 22nd February 2011

Sometimes I just need a treat when I'm out photographing. Sat waiting in the cold and rain can be quite tiring, so a bit of good cake cheers me up and adds in some much needed fuel to keep my body warm. A flask of hot tea goes very nicely too.

Here are a couple of my favourite recipes, easy to make, super tasty and packed full of energy.

Flake and banana loaf

I adapted this…

Hyperdifocusissia - the story behind a landscape photograph (and competition)

(0) Comments | Monday 08th February 2010

def'n - An enhanced state of mind where your eyes won't focus properly and you see only in colour, shape, texture and line. Cause by an exhausted mind and body (from long days in the fresh air with sunrise starts and sunset stops, and creative highs and lows) resulting in the conscious mind being too tired to get in the way of intuitive picture making.


There are many ingredients that go into making a great landscape…

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