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Do you want to commission panoramic photography or a virtual tour?

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I am now back in the UK from Russia and I am available for commissions in panoramic photography and 360° virtual tours covering rural landscapes, urban cityscapes and architectural interiors.

You can view the results from my last year long commission producing landscape virtual tours for The Wildlife Trusts at

Please get in contact via my contact page.



Panorama featured on Digitallab

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Digitallab, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, is a professional photolab that has been featured on Dragon's Den. They also run an interesting blog featuring photographers they like, and this week it is my turn. Check my panoramic photography out on the Digitallab Featured Photographer - Mike McFarlane.



HowTo panoramas and virtual tours

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If you want to know how I produce my panoramic photographs and virtual tours here is an article I wrote a while ago that containts most of the details - The joy of panoramic images and 360° virtual tours



The Ride Journal

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My panoramic photography and the story of my epic year long cycle journey round the whole of the UK making virtual tours for The Wildlife Trusts has been featured in The Ride Journal issue VIII. I've read The Ride Journal since issue I and it is one of the most passionate and fun publications about cycling that you will find anywhere so it is a privelige to have my…



robots take shape at

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When I am not producing virtual tours and making panoramic photographs my other passion is personal robots. We have a site all about personal robots at Right now it is very low key but as the robot future grows then so will our site. Hope to see you there.


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Following a creative burnout in 2010 and then rediscovering photography I will be spending a lot of 2011 building up a new portfolio of work. Watch this space! My existing work is on display at: